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[3.03] Backstab from Shadowing Beyond

Loren Tyr


When my rogue with Backstab ability attacks from Shadowing Beyond with Blinding Strike, the Backstab does not trigger. It does trigger properly when performing a regular attack from Shadowing Beyond however, and also when performing a Blinding Strike from stealth (both when initiating combat with that attack, or sneaking up to an enemy a while after combat started).


The same happens with Crippling and Envenomed Strike, so presumably the Backstab fails to trigger for any combination of Shadowing Beyond and a special attack (could this be an ordering issue thing somehow, ie. with the Blinding Strike being processed first and immediately removing the Shadowing invisibility, resulting in the Rogue not being invisible anymore when Backstab gets processed?)

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Addendum: when dual-wielding with Blinding Strike (etc.) from stealth I also don't get Backstab on the first hit, but I do get one on the second. When attacking (dual-wielding) with just regular attack I do get Backstab on both hits. Though for some reason when using Blinding Strike (etc.) the first attack is consistently made with the off-hand/second weapon (rather than with the primary/first weapon, as with a regular attack), so that quite possibly is the underlying cause there. Dual-wield + Blinding Strike + Shadowing Beyond gives no backstab on either hit though, so that's clearly still a different issue.

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