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Barl Breakbones killing you with his 'reset hand' power bugs the scenario



I had the following happen twice, both times with solo characters:

- I have 0 cards in my deck

- Barl Breaksbones' between checks power kicks in ("discard random card, then reset hand") and kills me (since I don't have enough cards to reset my hand)

- I get the red "X has fallen!" death screen

- the game then CONTINUES, with my 'dead' character still in the middle of the encounter

- I then DEFEATED Barl (I had beaten his first check, and he was cornered), but he shuffled back into the location deck

- I was then able to explore, encounter and play cards each turn; however, due to the almost complete lack of cards in my hand I was unable to defeat/acquire anything so I can't report on that behaviour

- when the blessings deck ran out, I lost the game with usual 'running out of time' message


Another point of possible importance: on my second check vs. Barl, my hero played Rogue Ape. The Ape usually works as intended, adding 2d6 to my combat, as I'm the only hero at the location; this time however, it only added 1d6!


If a hive to make a random quess - maybe being killed by Barl's power somehow creates a living "copy" of my character. The 'death' of the original character makes Barl to count as 'undefeated', but the copy continues its encounter (and ability to play as a whole). In the same time, the 'dead' character is still somehow counted as being 'present' , which would account for the Rogue Ape bug... Yeah, I'm reaching, I know.


Also, the whole 'die by resetting your hand, but not really' thing made be thing about the fact that the Shimmerglens location was present (I wasn't in it). I had previously closed the Shmmerglens and had triggered its bugged power prompt "Reset Hand/End Turn" - it's a long shot, but might also have some bearing on the matter.

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