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Harsk causing game pause



Running Brigandoom on Legendary and the mission after on heroic. Using Harsk 's sniper ability cause a game to no longer advance. It's not frozen...I can forfeit, or examine cards, but can't use any. Same thing happens when the game tried to advance to Harsk's turn. Last character will get their cards, but then game fails to advance to Harsks first option.

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I can verify this. I finished the third pack and chosen the sniper role for the glorious runt. I went through everything on normal for the first run and then switched to the next level (with the green skull) and I've run into the same problem on the very first scenario, brigandoom. Something I did, and I can't recall what it is for the life of me, managed to skip his first turn (and I have him set to go first to give him a full hand to help with combat checks) which allowed me to go through the next three characters in my party (Merisiel, Kyran, and Exren). The game hung when I cycled back to him. On the second hang, I couldn't get past the problem. I can't replicate whatever I did to get past the first hang in subsequent attempts.


This is the second run with the same party composition, but the first run where I've tried with the party specializing at the end of pack 3. Anyhow, thought I would post this before the end of the bottle. I think I've more or less conveyed the most salient information. I can post pics and whatnot if need be. I'll try to check this tomorrow to see if I need to post anything else.

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