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Jaagrath does not deal damage to other characters



I am playing on a Samsung Note 2014, with Android 5.0.2.
In the story, at "The Fort in Peril" on Heroic, Jaagrath Kreeg does not work as the card says. I could reproduce this at different locations, always with Valeros encountering Jaagrath, while Kyra is at the same location.
Jaagreth card says "Before you act, Jaagrath Kreeg deals 1 Combat damage to each other character at your location". As Kyra is at the same location, I expected Kyra to get 1 damage, and an animation is played that suggest damage is dealt. But Kyra does not get damage, instead Valeros loses his Melee bonus. 


When I check the dice at the top, where one can choose which check to roll if several are available, Valeros Combat ability is noted as 1D10+5. But on the screen, there is just the D10, no +5.

If I reveal or discard a Melee Weapon, the dice and bonus of the weapon are added correctly. Just the '+5' from Valeros Melee trait are missing.


Edit: Happens with Valeros and Merisiel at the same location as well. Valeros encountered Jaagrath, Merisiel did not take damage, instead Valeros los his Melee bonus. I switched to Merisiel for the first check, she got her bonus for ranged combat. Valeros got his bonus for melee combat on the second check as well.


So it affects just the first check.

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