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Amiri's "move at end of turn" ability



Amiri has an ability to move at the end of her turn, and then can also move a character to her position (whether or not she moved). Before this last update, it seemed to work properly: I would tap the power icon during "End of Turn Abilities" phase, and then it would show the map, where I could tap her current location to stay in place, or tap another location to move. Then, it would show the available other characters, and allow me to tap one of those (or an X) to move that character to my location.


Since the update, it only allows me to move somebody to my location if I move. If I try to use the ability and then stay in the same place, it does not allow me to pick a character to move to my location, but instead reverts to "End of Turn Abilities" and then allows me to tap that power icon again. If I keep tapping the power icon and then my current location to stay in place, it just lets me repeat this over and over.

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