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-Used on Path of the Damned difficulty, version 3.02


-Not the most exciting or quirky build, but I figured I'd put it up anyway.


Paladin Order: Darcozzi

Race: Wild Orlan (Optional)


  • 15 Might
  • 11 Constitution
  • 3 Dexterity
  • 15 Perception
  • 16 Intellect
  • 17 Resolve

Abilities(Odd numbers) and Talents(Even numbers):


  1. Lay on Hands
  2. Weapon and Shield Style
  3. Zealous Charge or Zealous Focus
  4. Aspirant's Mark
  5. Liberating Exhortation
  6. Inspiring Liberation
  7. Coordinated Attacks
  8. Critical Focus or Bull's Will
  9. Aegis of Loyalty
  10. Deep Faith
  11. Righteous Soul
  12. Scion of Flame
  13. Sacred Immolation
  14. *
  15. *
  16. *

* = Personal preference. I actually like Deprive the Unworthy for many tough encounters, but Reinforcing Exhortation is good too and gets more overall use since it's per-encounter. You can take more saving throw or deflection talents or grab preferred utility.


Skills: Get 10 Lore for scrolls and bonus dialogue, and put at least two in survival for the healing bonus. I like decent stealth on all my characters, but not everyone cares for stealth. I found with a melee heavy group it helped with my opening strategies and bum rushing casters better. A few points in athletics are worth it for a bit better heal, Paladins get +2 to it so getting 4-5 isn't expensive.




  • Weapon Set 1: Shame or Glory, Outworn Buckler
  • Weapon Set 2: Engwithan Scepter w/Kith Slaying and Burning Lash
  • Armors: Hand and Key / Argwes Adra / Ryona's Breastplate


  • Belts: Girdle of the Driving Wave(grants knockdown) / Girdle of Eoten Constitution / Binding Rope
  • Gloves: Celebrant's Gloves
  • Boots: Malina's Boots
  • Rings: Ring of Protection
  • Neck: Lilith's Shawl
  • Head: Lavender Wreath, great item and essential for my preferred portrait and character model -




I know that's a Godlike vs. a Wild Orlan, but it kinda works.


Role / Playstyle:


Early game, you're a PC Paladin, so your defenses are crazy good and you're pretty much a door blocker(or whatever chokepoint is available) for all those melee mob encounters. Your damage will be terrible, but you can open with an Arbalest or something then switch to sword and board.

You also have high mental attributes as the PC, and can reach 20 in all of them to pass pretty much all of the good dialogue checks. I recommend displaying the various [Passionate][Clever] etc. dialogue options - many are pretty much free defense boosts for you and don't affect much otherwise. You also don't want to pick stoic, and some stoic options are kind of arbitrarily categorized and placed IMO. Cruel is easy to avoid at least.


Mid game, your support has developed and you'll be debuffing with aspirant's mark every encounter, healing, removing debuffs, and boosting the accuracy of your damage and/or control characters depending on encounter. You're also a good character to make use of scrolls and items with spells, since you don't do remarkable autoattack damage nor are you busy casting stuff most of the time.


I used Pallegina(Dual Sabres), Zahua, and Maneha(Tall Grass) once I got them for my melee, with Aloth and Durance as my only casters. Zealous Charge and Coordinated Attacks worked well with this setup, allowing my melee to rush down casters. Attacking in unison on priority targets with a marking weapon was quite effective. For some fights I also just attacked Zahua with the Scepter to give him more wounds.


You're also a solid character for using Watcher abilities, with high Int/Might/Perception.


Later game, you're an excellent counter to some of the more annoying confuse/charm/dominate enemies. That's why you've got the Scepter, really, with the fast attack speed. You're also highly resistant to these effects yourself, and can equip the Hand and Key Armor for encounters where these get spammed.


Finally, you pick up Sacred Immolation, and are a decent source of AoE damage while doing all of the above.


Also, on those big dragon fights, you're a great "main tank" and since they spam will defense attacking stuff your Wild Orlan racial will be boosting your already crazy high defenses pretty much constantly.


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