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Bug: Permanently closed location during "Temporarily Close Locations" phase



Bug: During the "Temporarily Close Location" phase, Amiri was at the Catacombs of Wrath, which has the close condition of "Summon and defeat a Wrathful Sinspawn henchman". When I tried to temporarily close the location, she fought two Wrathful Sinspawn henchmen in succession when she should have just fought one, and upon returning to the map the location was shown as permanently closed. Amiri was at 1HP, which caused noticeable slowdown during combat.


Hypothesis: Game thought the first Wrathful Sinspawn henchman was being fought as though Amiri was doing a normal exploration. Maybe the next card in the location deck was going to be the Wrathful Sinspawn henchman that had originally been dealt to the location? As a result, upon defeating the henchman the game executed the logic for "henchman has been defeated at this location, allow character to attempt to permanently close location now".


iPad Air 2, iOS 9.3.2

Pass & play and permadeath both off

Story mode

Turn order: Amiri, Ezren, Seoni, Merisiel, Kyra. This was technically during Seoni's turn, but Amiri was attempting to temporarily close the location after the boss was discovered.

Scenario: Trouble in Sandpoint (boss: Erylium)

Scenario difficulty: Normal

Other characters did not aid the check

Encounter was not a horde

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