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Bug: Necromancers too eager to murder my poor party



In 3-5 Into the Mountains on Heroic with the Painful Memories wildcard, there seems to be something seriously wonky.


Twice after defeating a Hook Mountain Hag, I was asked to bury a card for no reason I could discern, as if I had acquired a blessing, spell, or item and triggering Painful Memories.


Then I acquired a Blessing of Iomedae with Ezren at the Shimmerglens, and in addition to triggering Painful Memories, the scenario power triggered as well, dealing 1d4 Force damage to all 3 of my characters (Kyra, Harsk, Ezren), as if I had just defeated a henchmen when I absolutely didn't.


Both the wildcard and scenario power then triggered again after:

  • Acquiring Stride with Ezren at the Shimmerglens
  • Defeating Lunderbud with Ezren at the Desecrated Vault
  • Defeating a Skinsaw Cultist summoned by Skinsaw Ritual with Kyra at the Shrine to Lamashtu
  • Acquiring a Blessing of Iomedae with Harsk at the Shrine to Lamashtu

At that point, Harsk finally succumbed to his wounds and I forfeited. They were certainly not playing fair. Looks like whenever a henchman is defeated or a blessing, spell, or item is acquired, both the wildcard and the scenario power trigger, when only one should be the case.

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