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v3.02.10008 WM2





Wood Elf

Old Valia



MIG 15

DEX 19


INT 19

PER 19




inspiring radiance (+10 acc to party added to priest's fast cast aura)

interdiction (huge AoE daze)

weaken interdiction (adds weaken to interdiction)

2 stat 2 movement self (when using priest's radiant aura)

outlander's frenzy


skaen talent (+10 acc that applies to soulbound scepter!)

weapon focus ruffian (choose scepter if this accuracy doesn't stack with skaen talent + soulbound scepter)




seal of repulsion*

dire blessing

devotions of the faithful


*15 second AoE prone trap (cast before combat, mastery refreshes, trap stays and can recast during encounter)



Stealth 0

Athletics 9 (+1 class)(+1 background)

Lore 0 (+2 class)

Mechanics 0

Survival 9 (+1 background)


Slot Item

R Hand soulbound scepter 10% dominate

L Hand n/a

R Hand2 steadfast (sunlance for cleanup dps)

L Hand2 vent pick (+15 haste)

Armor 2 RES spell save robe

Head 3 INT

Neck 3 PER 1 stealth aura

Hands 5 acc

Waist 3 MIG

Ring 1 overseeing ring

Ring 2 3 DEX

Feet boots of speed

alt feet 1 patch boot 10s stun 1rest (maj adventure)

alt feet 2 AoE if crit 1/enc 2 move 30 end/10s 2 rad (minor adventure)


potion: alacrity for hard fights because the recovery helps spam spells

figurine: wurm




Priest has great buffs and fast cast immunity spells for most situations.

Solid melee dps modifiers and procs if anything is still alive after buffing.

Common 6 1/enc sequence: fast radiant aura for acc, devotion of the faithful, dire blessing, interdiction, repulsion, bless

Withdraw is usually more efficient at extending your spellbank than healing.

Avatar for 8 MIG/DEX/PER and 20% weapon damage is good even if just used as an opener to speed up casting by 24%.

Champion boon +10 MIG/PER to an ally is usually best on cipher.

Crowns of faithful is terrific group buff for 6 INT/PER/25 RES (for rogue riposte, duration AoE acc boost)

lvl 2 ice icon spell can bounce and is fast cast, not bad for AoE heal and damage.

+6 total movement (boots 3, aura 2, food 1) makes for a good partner for cipher beam, and priest symbols have short range.

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Priest has active radiant AoE aura for +10 accuracy fast cast.


Paladin has the passive +6 acc aura.


Paladin's liberating exhortation, single target, 2/enc +10 accuracy.


All of these stack.


I am guilty of not referring to the exact game name of things and often refer to the mechanical function.

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