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Nar Shaddaa Goto's Yacht -help

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So I apologize if I am not posting this in the correct place, It's been probably 8 years since ive used any forum. So my etiquette may be off.


However I am on Gotos Yacht, I have accessed every droid for its memory core, I have accessed every terminal including the terminal in the audience room, I have the following programs.


1. Basic Diagnostic

2. Overload

3. Shut Down

4. Reset


Now I have gone through various forums about this topic and it seems everyone either missed a droid or the codes from the console in the audience room, I have not missed either.


The audience room console reads "GOTO AUXILIARY CONSOLE

-- ACCESS FULL" and leaves me with no option but to log out.

Now on the bridge when accessing the Primary Power System it reads

1. Access primary power supply system

2. View secondary power supply system

3. Log out


I click 1. And it tells me the status which is active, and supporting is none. I can return to the main menu.


I click 2. And the status is active, but is supporting containment cells, cloaking device, and docking hatch seal. I can return to main menu or log out.


Ive tried the help others have received on various posts but It didnt work. Could the game be broken? Or am I missing something so simple?

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Oh, bring Atton Rand, even though he is an ever annoying yet smart mouthed tight lipped rebel scum action raiding deep party adventure entertainment under wear spy, because all of those mines that blow up in your face require a deep stealth trench down the tunnel that opens 2 perimeters of zippers half way through, and I'm sorry, I don't remember the stuff with the codes, because it's been a while, but maybe a good step is too march through the station itself more easily, so you can find stuff. By continually running away and regenerating Atton or something (and if I remember right, he comes back to life repeatedly, you can focus him on a handful of auto torrents, and maybe just med pack yourself).


My favorite part, at least in the recommended order of how you're supposed to visit worlds, is when he's like, "I know, you're crushed"!


Maybe by killing a random droid, you can better find the so called code that you need. My real trouble was actually getting to the air boat in space, when your computer droid needs a complex algorithm which has nothing to do with game skill whatsoever, where I needed my strategy guide. But beyond that, I just tried to hit everything I could until shields went down or something, or if you live really easily, then you access the required droid saying those random beeps and all. I don't know.

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