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Everlasting Salvation of Time - extreme buff durations



Stop. Before you say "That's what the spell is SUPPOSED to do!" ;)


I like to wait with certain short duration buffs until the next thing on my priest's to-do list is to cast Salvation of Time. When shortly thereafter checking my party's buffs to see if perhaps another SoT was in order, I noticed self-buffs such as (Outlander's) Frenzy and Disciplined Barrage had ridiculous durations, nearing two minutes. That's after one SoT (in that particular battle).


I checked the tooltips for the spells (not the buffs, the spells on their action bar) themselves on their respective characters and they actually listed durations of well over a minute. I thought, maybe these got buffed in a patch, but it seemed a bit over the top. Moreso, these tooltips remain at that duration even as combat ends. As I start a new fight, I can indeed cast them for that mad duration.


So I theorized SoT was bestowing some kind of permanent effect. As luck would have it, another character gained a level soon after and she was able to take Outlander's Frenzy, with a reasonable duration listed. I then picked a fight and cast SoT before using OF. It still listed the same duration. Then I cast OF and then SoT, and the tooltip for the action bar spell seemed to nearly double its duration (might be that it adds the remaining duration to the next casting? shrug). The fight ended, and I started another, and I did indeed enjoy a still-increased OF duration for this toon.


The effect is not entirely out of hand as it seems a reload will restore the abilities to their normal durations.


I'm attaching the quicksave right before using that toon's level up. I've no camping supplies, but my priest still has 2 level 5 memos available, which should suffice for testing. If you want to pick a fight, all the trash mobs in Woedica's temple nearby will be happy to oblige. I've done some testing there and it seems to me I've got the mechanics of the bug isolated as per the description in this post.


I went through three search queries before posting this, so if it's a repeat your forum sucks. ;)


TL;DR: Salvation of Time increases the duration of (some or all) affected buffs even for future castings in future battles, until you reload.

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