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Last time i played: Paladin (rauatai), Fighter (lady of pain), druid (hungry wolf), wizard (zeblastian hurtstacker), priest (eothas) and ranger.


Now i wanna play: Chanter (Chillfog), druid (hungry wolf), wizard (zeblastian hurstacker) priest (fire sub off dps), rogue (mad hornet).


For my last slot i wanna play Barbarian or Monk, but i'm not sure what is better or easier to play / to survivie in the fighting. Can somebody tell me?

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Monks have substantially better base survivability. Barbarians can be reasonably survivable with the right items but it's generally through self-healing rather than the Monk's higher defenses.


A high resolve Monk with a shield actually makes a solid "main tank" and puts out good damage at the same time. Barbarian, because they need high Intellect, is harder to build tanky and retain good damage/AoE on carnage.

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If you want a tanky Monk pump up your Constitution and add regen. You can ignore deflection. Damage Resistance also works well to increase your durability. Another advantage is Monks do not need weapons or more than one piece of Durgan steel for their armor.


Barbarians are quite dependent on gear but if well supported they can put out a lot of AoE damage via Carnage.


I prefer Monks but I am biased.

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