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Ok so does anyone know where I can find out what weapons each character can use. I have looked and can't find it any where. I tried to use logic based on the Characters themselves but that doesn't work. For example Kyra as a cleric of Serenrae's should be able to use a scimitar but can't and Merisiel should be able to use a longbow as an elf but can't. I would also like to know what the weapon feat for each character unlocks.

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The Weapon Proficiency Feat is "Yes/No" kind of feat. You got it or you don't. It does not unlock any class of weapon.


There are only 2 types:

- No Weapon Proficiency needed (Maces, Daggers...)

- Weapon Proficiency needed (it is written on the text of the card)

Look at the characters Power Feat tab.


There is another classification:

- Ranged/Dexterity

- Melee/Stregth

Look at the characters Skill Feat tab.


You should include in each character deck, the weapons that best suit the character skills.

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Right. This game doesn't bother with forcing specific classes to use certain types of weapons. You either have the "weapon" proficiency checked in the power section of your character sheet or you don't. Some weapons have text (usually increasing the difficulty by 4) if someone tries to use it without that power. Some weapons don't say anything about proficiency so it makes no difference. That's really it.


In terms of the stats mentioned above (strength/melee and dexterity/ranged) it doesn't matter in terms of who can use a weapon. But if a particular weapon card says to roll your dex or ranged stat and the character you're considering giving it to only has a d4 dex and no ranged stat then that character obviously won't be rolling the best dice if he uses it, so it might be better on someone else, or not kept at all after the adventure.


Specifically related to Kyra and Merisiel -


Neither of them have the "weapon proficiency" power checked initially on their character sheet and both of the weapons you listed (Scimitar and Longbow) have text on them saying to increase the difficulty of the check by 4 if you do not have that proficiency. They can actually still use those weapons but it will make the target you are trying to hit with the dice increased by 4 when they do. (After completing certain scenarios you will be able to pick new "powers" to check so you will have the ability to give one or both of them the weapon proficiency later on if you choose). In addition I believe the Longbow has a second paragraph where you can use it to add dice to help a combat check in another location, but it specifies that you have to have weapon proficiency to do this. So once again, Merisiel doesn't have this proficiency to start.


Weapons that are good for non-proficiency characters include the Mace and Longspear (and quarterstaff but the mace is really better) for characters with better strength or melee, like Kyra. And crossbows tend to be the best starting weapons for dexterity or ranged type characters like Merisiel.


Hope that helps!

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