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Stuck revealed weapon and locked skill on multi-check bane



Hi guys.

I was running Attack on Sandpoint scenario on normal difficulty with Kyra and Merisiel.

I had both at city gates, all other locations closed.

I encounter a bugbear with Merisiel, reveal a spiked chain, unfortunately fail the check and the weapon gets stuck in revealed position :/

The bugbear gets reshuffled, it's Kyra's turn and the bugbear is drawn again. Still the spiked chain is in reveal position :/ Kyra reveals a fire mace +1 and gets rid of the bugbear.

Back to Merisiel (the chain is still there and Merisiel has no weapon to use).

Ripnugget and stickfoot is drawn. I choose Kyra to take the first check and reveal the fire mace, passing the check. When the game goes back to Merisiel , I'm stuck to using a d4 to attempt the second combat check.

I think the game thinks I have to use the same skill used in the first check (melee) and since Merisiel doesn't have that skill, it gives me the d4; but Merisiel should be able to choose Strength for her check!


iPad 3 on iOS 9.3.1, even though I think this bug is not hardware or operating system related, just a flawed mechanic in game.

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