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2 Bugs When defeating Bruthazmus




Device: iPad Air

OS: 9.3.1


Game Play:

Pass and Play: Off

Permadeath: Off

In Story mode - been playing story mode since I began playing

Characters in Party: Valeros 2, Kyra 1, Merisiel 1, Ezren 1

Turn Order: Same as previous line.

Location of Party Members:

Nettlemaze: Kyra 1, Ezren 1

Guard Tower: Valeros 2

Waterfront: Merisiel 1

Scenario: Approach to Thistletop

Difficulty: Standard

Ezren 1 had just defeated Bruthazmus on both attempts.

Two problems:

First the game hangs - exiting the game and reentering it solves the hang problem

Second, after exiting and reentering the game I went to close the location and fought a Zombie. Ezren 1 defeated the Zombie, but the location was not closed and Ezren 1 was now in the Treacherous Cave.

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