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A quick thought on the end-of-scenario logic

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Some Dev already told us that the quest mode and story mode are essentially the same, i.e. Both of which use "scenario", with the difference being quest mode would have a randomly generated scenario while the story mode is a preset one.


This got me thinking that maybe this is why the char in quest mode would not get exp for defeating banes at the end of a failed quest.


When failing a story, the sequence is to show message "run out of turns" then goes to deck building screen.


If the quest mode shares the same logic, then there is the problem. Unlike story mode where Chars do not have exp bar, chase in quest mode should get an extra step for calculating exp between the game-ending message and the card building screen. Now it's skipped and that would be why the exp earned in the quest does not get registered.


Just some amature thoughts.

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