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A little story of thanks...

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Last year before I got married I made my last big gaming purchase. I bought all of Pathfinder (all 3 games and expansions and Addons). My group has been massively reluctant to start playing because it is a pretty complex and long game. Then a few weeks ago the app came out and I pressured all of them into getting it and playing at least the tutorial.


Now they feel comfortable enough with the game to play! I spent a good chunk of last night organizing cards, and tonight we play...FINALLY!


So thanks for making the app! I will now be able to introduce a game that I have been looking forward to for a long time.

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I can't wait! Though it just got pushed off till next week. :(


The guy who is hosting it cancelled since his GF's birthday was this week and he thinks they may do something special tonight instead of tomorrow night.

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We played Friday, it was awesome! 2 of the players didn't know the rules (One's device broke and he didn't redownload, and the other was a late addition), the other guy got into another game so he was foggy on the rules.


They all want to play again ASAP.


I have revised gameplay for the B scenario, I lifted the time limit so it is infinite. This way everyone has a chance to familiarize themselves with the game and farm for some better stuff.


I played Lini, mostly batting cleanup and support (Cures, popping in to take out big bad guys)

the rest of the party was:

Merisel (from Ranger deck)

Ezren (base game version)

Arabundi (ranger from ranger deck)

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Merisel (from Ranger deck)


I'm TOTALLY jealous!  My ranger deck didn't COME with a Merisiel...  (Unless you meant the Rogue deck.)



AHem...Yes, totally from the Ranger Deck, it was the ultra secret gold plated edition... if you were a real fan you would TOTALLY know about it...



Yeah, the Rogue deck. :D She is a lot better than original Meri. Especially once you get weapons added and can use longbows.

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