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Daily gold - timing problems?



I'm having problems picking up my gold on a daily basis. The first couple of times it happened, I thought I might have just made a mistake, but I'm pretty sure that this last time it wasn't me.


Last night, before bed, I picked up my gold, and played for a bit, and remember the button saying something like, "Daily Gold 05:00", counting down. This morning, I went to check it, and it showed something like 17 hours remaining. So, I can't pick up my daily gold for today. Yes, I shut the app down when I went to bed, and I've restarted multiple times. This seems like at least the third time it has happened. The other times, I opened the app in the evening, and when the button wasn't available, I figured that I must have simply picked it up in the morning and forgotten about it.


What can I do to avoid this, and is there anyway to get reimbursed for the gold I should have gotten?

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