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Can not Delete more than one Character at a time.



Ok I have another small UI bug to report.  First noticed it a day or two after the last patch came out that allowed us to get into Quest mode.  Given all my attempts to get in before the patch had seemed to create lots of clones on lvl 1 experienced characters, I figured well I should delete all of those so I can have a clean slate to work with.


What I found was after I deleted the first character, their portrait at the top disappeared, but the art for their paper doll did not.  Then when I selected the next character, their paper doll would appear onto of the old one.  At this point no other actions would compute, how ever I could still bring up the '...' menu.  I also could not select any other character.


I could how ever hit the main menu icon, which allowed to go back to the main choose your adventure screen.  Then I could go back into the party management screen, delete one more character, process would repeat.  The delete did happen, but the artifact left behind definitely caused the issue.


Then last night I decided to delete my sorc because she had died in an adventure and not gotten a skill (it was for the end of the B track, so not far in) and noticed that it does also happen in Story mode, and that promoted me to write it up this morning.


Again I am on an iPad 4 none retina, with the most current IOS.


Thanks guys!

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