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Bug trying to start the game.



To give some background, I've been playing this game since the beta, and have used gold at one point to purchase exp 1, which reset my progress. Since then, I had issues even starting any game (duplicated characters issue). The most recent patch fixed that Issue, however now I'm stuck at a new bug.


Since my progress is reset, the only scenario i can pick is brigandoom, which I don't mind playing through again. after selecting my party, and starting the scenario, the first thing that pops up is the win dialogue ("I yield! Ain't being paid enough to get killed over Vinder's haul.") After hitting continue, or skip, it brings me to a blank dialogue screen with the blue arrow on the right. The arrow does nothing, and I cannot get past this screen. 


I have attempted to play though the tutorial yet again(I'm a pro at it now...), clearing cache, uninstalling the game, ect. my only course of action is to simply quite the game, delete that party, and try again to get the same thing.


I am playing on my Galaxy s7.


Adding a bit more info, I've noticed that on my character select screen, no characters have any stats or powers.

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Hey pooter3001,


Welcome to the forums! Could you please upload a save file so we can take a look at it?


Getting game files:
Connect the Android Device to your PC.
Open Windows Explorer and open the device
Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files
Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC
Zip and send!
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