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Bug - Character Death Problems



OS: Android(I know its not supported, but I think these are problems that are happening to all. These are not UI issues, these are in-bedded code issues)


Location: Quests


Problem: Character Death causing problems


1) If you have a character Perm Die. After logging out, it seems that character is back and not removed. This seems to cause a host of other sub problems. Mainly having that character selected for further quests

        a) When a "permed" character selected, the gamer froze when starting the quest.

        b) mid way through the quest, the perm character suddenly came up dead


2) When a character died(not permed) they got XP. At first, I was happy. Then I realized that they leveled up, but did nto get that feat. And after leveling again, still have not received the feat that they "skipped"



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Hey dark_omni,

When you say log out, what do you mean by that? Are you just force closing? Are you backing out of the back and removing your account from Google Plays? 


For issue 2, this is related to the Story mode version of the bug, so that fix will most likely fix the quest mode issue (I will check to confirm this).  You saw that you still got experience, because of the experience you gained while your character was still alive, though they shouldn't get the scenario completion exp.


Thanks a bunch!

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1) Log out, as in quit playing. Program closed. Then when I started up the game the next day, that's when I saw the problem.


2) Actually I saw the XP gain after completing the quest. when the XP get "tallied", and you "level up". Unfortunately, it told me I gained a new skill feat, but because that character died (just to make clear, NOT permed) during the quest, I never was able to redeem that skill feat. That character did level, and after that quest, still retained that level. As of now, that character is still gaining levels, just never received that level reward.

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