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Crescentward bug?

Comic Sams


Hey all!


I'm slowly making my way through White March part II. Since my party was max level going in, I decided to scale the content to my level. It was going well up until I reached the abbey of the fallen moon. Specifically, the problem arises when I'm up against any Ondrite Crescentward. All of my melee characters have 0% to hit, and they one shot all of my characters to death at absurd degrees (see attached screenshot). I'm playing on normal. Is this intentional? Is there a bug? Or do I just need to get good? Thanks in advance for replies!


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Guest Jamila

Ah, that explains a lot. I noticed crescentwards had remarkable ~160 deflection/reflexes, but thought that was the point, that I was supposed to go after fortitude. So I did. Later I also noticed they chopped my characters for 120 damage, a rather unusual value, being three digit, but thought hey, it is PotD and all.  So I went on, but a few groups of Ondrites and save/load cycles later, when even my frontliners began to falter under ~260 damage blows, I cowardly turned to google for help and found this.


I hope the patch will be out soon.

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