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Skinsaw Man not affected by Desecrated Vault



I have scouted the villain Skinsaw Man in the Desecrated Vault (because, of course, he would be there), which states that "If you defeat a monster with the Undead trait, roll 1d6. On a roll of 1, the monster is undefeated." This made me very wary, as I was cutting it close on the timer.


- I had closed 5 of 8 locations. When I encountered the Skinsaw Man, I successfully temp-closed the other 2 locations.

- I summarily kicked the maggots out of the Skinsaw Man's two combat checks. With all the other locations closed, if he was defeated, this would be a scenario victory

- I crossed my fingers and anxiously waited for the Location power roll; then, suddenly I got the loading screen that would become the victory cutscene, but as the screen darkened I ALSO heard the distinctive roll of a die!


So, I won the scenario, but this wasn't supposed to happen before the Location roll, as it would give a chance that the Villain is undefeated. Apparently a roll WAS made after all (judging by the sound cue) but it didn't show, and it didn't affect the situation.


Theory 1: The app makes the 'roll' behind the scenes (with the auto-rolling-die on the screen being just a fancy visualization) and the roll came up in my favor - so the game started the cutscene because it knew I won, even though I didnt know it


Theory 2: On the trigger "check result >/= Villain check", the app checks for some  "is villain cornered?" condition, and if the condition is met - the game assigns the Scenario Won. The check for the "villain cornered" condition should actually trigger after all the relevant powers have resolved that can change the "defeated' status of the villain, and IF this status remains unchanged.


EDIT: I can only only assume that if Skinsaw Man wasn't cornered when his checks were beaten - the Desecrated Vault's roll would happen normally

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