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Bought 20,000 Gold. Got charged. Didn't get the gold. Help.



I just purchased 20,000 Gold to buy 40 Treasure Chests, and while I got charged the money for my purchase, I did not get the gold. I got an error message in a red box that said...



X-Authentication HTTP

Header contains invalid



Sooooo... Yeah. I either need the 20,000 gold that I purchased or a refund of the money that I spent. I bought the Runelords Expansion ($24.99) and THAT purchase worked properly, so I don't know what happened with the gold purchase. I had also purchased the Daily Gold and (despite glitchy) that seems to be working okay. I also noticed today that when I completed scenarios it was showing that I earned 0 gold and that I was at 0 gold total, but then I'd go to the Store and it seemed to be showing the correct amount. Who do I need to speak to to get this rectified?

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Hello Witts11,


Sorry to hear about that, could you email support@obsidian.net with a proof of purchase and your PFID# (you can find this in the settings menu) so we can get this resolved asap.



I sent an e-mail yesterday, but did not include the PFID. I just sent another with the proof of purchase and PFID, as well as my Game Center information and associated e-mail address. Thank you for your assistance.

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