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Consistent crashing on AD 2.4



Sort of disappointed at the forums on here, I posted my problem on May 4th but I guess I did not get moderator approval. I have been waiting patiently and no news so I decided to come check the forum - surprise! Never posted.


I am on an RCA tablet with Android version 5.0


I played adventure 2,4 and had to forfeit with 2 turns left. Since then I cannot load adventure 2,4 at all - my game crashes every time I try to load.


I cleared my data cache of the game, can play other scenarios (2,1 2,2 2,3 - any difficulty) but when I try to load 2,4 I crash. I started a new game and still crash at 2,4. I got another party of different people up to 2,4 and they crash as well.


Was hoping the update would help fix this - I can now play quest mode but am still unable to load past 2,4


I have been a Pathfinder fanboy for a very long time and I was happy to overlook the bugs and constant crashes because there were work arounds, but there have been no successful work arounds for this problem.

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Seems very spesific problem... Send your save file folder in zip mode to developers. It may be spesific to your device, but it Also can be possible that you save file has some oddities that causes this.

2.4 is te cult exposed. So there can be something wonky in there. Newer had crash in it, but the Main Villains power is Little bugged with scenario power. But your game crash even before you met the willain, so this is something else.

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