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Seoni's Magic trait and Negative bonus on Kyra heal



iPad Air iOS 9.3.1

Pass & play on

Story mode

Scenario: Black Fang's dungeon

Turn order: Merisiel, Seoni, Valeros, Kyra

Seoni at the now closed Thassilonian dungeon

Kyra at the shrine of Lamashtu

Merisiel in the throne room

Valeros at the desecrated shrine

Thassilonian dungeon and Temple closed

Warrens open


Issue 1: Seoni encounters Spectre

Seoni moves to the shrine of Lamashtu (to get healed by Kyra)

Explores the location and encounters the spectre

Uses her Arcane Blast

Discards her quarterstaff for the arcane blast

Game appeared to accept quarterstaff discard because D12 shows up, but quarterstaff reappears in hand

Seoni rolls high enough to defeat the Spectre, but the game treated it as undefeated even though arcane blast should have the magic trait. She is relocated and the spectre is shuffled back.


Issue 2: Kyra uses heal on Seoni at Shrine of Lamashtu

Start of Kyra's turn, she uses Heal to heal Seoni.

She discards Augury to use the heal.

Bonus to dice roll shows -1.

Hit cancel. Repeat above steps. (I may have hit cancel multiple times before it showed -1 due to confusion about when character to be healed is selected -- can't remember)

Bonus roll shows as -2.

Proceed with roll, rolled 2, healed 0. I.e. Not display error.

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