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More quest mode bugs



In addition to getting the mix level reward bug I've noticed a few others. After finishing a quest with 4 characters (bad with names so listing classes), Paladin, Archer, Druid, Sorc... The game only saved the progress for all but the Sorc. When I tried a new quest and looked at my experienced characters the Sorc's leveled up char wasn't there so I started a second quest with a L1 version of her.


Also noticed that the delete screen isn't working right. If you delete a character you can't delete a second character. You can't even select another character. You have to quit out of quest mode and then delete another character, which then does the same soft lock bug and you have to quit out and go back into quest mode again, etc...


My biggest complaint though is the mixed party bug and the games inability to just allow you to fail out and start over when this happens. Clicking quest just brings you back to the level up screen that you can never progress through due to the bugs. It would be nice if the quest mode worked like the story mode in that it shows you the various parties you have in play. That way if one locks up you aren't boned out of the whole mode entirely. (even more frustrated that I paid $25 for a game that's still not really working properly). /rant

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