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Intended effect of gold "exploit" fix?



I was baffled when I completed a scenario today with a new party and, expecting a 100 gold reward, got nothing, along with the message "scenario previously completed." I now see that this was an intended effect of the patch.


But it is not behaving consistently for me at all, so I need to ask: what IS intended to happen here? Let me explain:


Before the patch hit, I was running a party of the two starting characters and used them to complete all the Legendary scenarios on Lost Coast and all the Heroic scenarios on Burnt Offerings. I then had enough to purchase Skinsaw Murders, and after completing that, plus daily gold, i had enough to purchase a new character. This was about when the patch hit.


I downloaded the patch, purchased Seoni, and started a new adventure with her as a solo character. I progressed all the way up to halfway through Skinsaw, receiving normal gold rewards the whole time, then had enough for Harsk.


However, after starting another new adventure with solo Harsk and completing it, I received zero gold and the aforementioned message. I thought it was weird that I got all the normal gold rewards for Seoni, even after the patch, and suddenly the game stopped giving them out. Scrolling through the available scenarios with any party, I now see:


Perils of the Lost Coast: all scenarios have "previously completed" for normal difficulty but normal gold payout for Heroic and Legendary.

Burnt Offerings: same

Skinsaw Murders: half the scenarios have "previously completed" for both normal and heroic, while the rest of them show normal gold payout for everything.


Is it just cutting me off from stuff I completed since i downloaded the patch, maybe?


Is this gold cutoff supposed to affect a completely fresh party? My understanding was it was intended to prevent experienced parties from "farming" easy scenarios, so this seems like collateral damage. The Legendary difficulty levels are fun, but there is no way to take a completely green party through those and survive, and I feel like my time spent playing the game is suddenly less valuable.


What device type are you on? Ipad Air

What version of the OS are you running? latest iOS

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