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Merisiel vs Giant Gecko



Ok so started up story adventure 2-2, Meri and Kyra. Skip to the last paragraph if you just want the nuts and bolts of the problem.


Meri at wooden bridge first turn encounters the dreaded giant gecko. Momentary panic sets in as I don't have a weapon in hand and I swap to Kyra (in the woods) and discard a blessing for an extra d8. Back on Meri I realize that doh, geckos, I'll just sneak attack and I discard my archer for 2d6+1. Realizing that this is massive overkill for the poor beast, I change my mind and go back to Kyra and drag her blessing back to my hand. This for some reason removes all the dice, puts all cards back in hand and leaves Meri with one d4 to roll instead of the base d8 she should be rolling.


Thinking that it somehow got set to melee instead of strength I drag down the menu of skill options to be used in the check but there's no option to swap it back from (presumably) melee to strength. Adding a blessing back in puts the dice to 2d4, still with no option of swapping to d8s in the menu. Finally after re-discarding a blessing and then moving it back to hand twice, it somehow reset everything.


And I found this to be easily reproducible without even going through half of that. If I start with Meri's base d8, use Kyra's blessing of ironi to give her 2d8, and then drag back to hand the blessing of irori(or hit the cancel X, no difference), it goes to a single d4 instead of back to a d8. No option in the drop down to switch back to strength/d8. Now if I then discard Meri's blessing of calista, I get 2d4 and undoing that goes back to a single d8.

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