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A few issues


This is all after downloading the new patch. Some minor bugs, some UI improvement suggestions, some misc stuff


Playing on an iPad Air


1) The game seems to glitch when deleting quest mode characters. I went in to delete all of my old characters from when I was trying to get quest mode to work previously and each time I'd delete one, I'd have to exit out and back in before I could delete the next. Each time the game would glitch showing overlapping graphics of two characters or show Mersiel with Kyra's picture or vice versa. Thinking that this might have been related to those created during the previous patch, I created a couple new characters and went back in to delet them. Same problem, after deleting the first, the game seemed to glitch and I had to exit and go back in to delete the second. I have a screenshot of this but it's saying too big to upload.


2) UI suggestion. When assigning skill points or power feats after leveling up in quest mode, you can look back and forth between different characeters stats until you start assigning points. Once you assign a point to a particular character, clicking back on that character then just shows a blank screen. It would be nice to be able to have more freedom of editing decisions on all characters until you click the arrow to move on.


3) While playing a quest mission, I wanted to see the stats on Wrathful Sinspawn, which I think is reasonable as a reference. However, going into the vault during the quest, I got a message saying something about that deck list being unavailable. I'm assuming this was a conscious design decision but not sure why that would be.


4) When playing on legendary, in both story and quest mode, there's a graphical glitch regarding the red adjacent movement paths. When just looking at the map normally, the paths are in the correct locations but when you move to a new location, there's a moment when the game re-centers the screen over the new location before zooming into it. In that moment, the location markers all move to the correct spots on the screen, but the red pathways stay in old positions, so are no longer lined up correctly.


5) Minor suggestion - it would be nice for quest mode to default to the last played difficulty when it bumps you back to the map screen in between quests rather than defaulting back to normal.


6) And a strange one. Twice when playing earlier after defeating a henchman and closing a location, the game was making me discard a card (both times I was well below max hand size). There might have been an ingame power in effect causing this and I was watching a baseball game at the same time so was a bit distracted so it's possible this was legit. But I couldn't figure out what was causing it so not sure, I'll keep an eye out for this in the future.

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