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Encountered a weird bug last night. Whilst doing the adventure with the Skinsaw Man, I explored for my turn and found him but a card called (iirc) Stalker Healm was added to my hand. It was classified as a loot card but none of the currently available scenarios nor the ones upcoming have a card by that name as loot available.


I don't remember exactly what it did since it wasn't all that useful at the time and I didn't get to use it before the scenario was over but if memory serves you could reveal it to add to a perception check and discard it to do something else.


After the adventure was over the card disappeared when I moved it to the bottom row of cards whilst reorganizing my decks (BEFORE I tapped the arrow to move on from the screen, it should have still been available at that point).

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You ran into an easter egg there, see: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86543-aldern-foxglove-turns-into-stalker-mask/


As for it disappearing when you tried to reorganise your decks, that happens with all loot cards, they do not show under their respective type, but if you set the filter to "All", they're still there. See: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86534-reward-cards-disappearing/

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