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How to know monster damage?

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I'm having my ass kicked in the very first scenario after tutorial. Stuff like Goblin Warrior damage me for 4, Bugbears do 8 or so, Ogre does 10 +1 splash and so on...

Basically every attack I suffer from a monster ends up in whole hand being discarded, number is so riddiculously high no amount of armor will mitigate it. Which after 2 fails turns into total party wipe.

And none of the monsters have their damage listed on the card, so I never know if this is mortal danger or something to shrug off.

Am I missing something?

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Hey, Veevor!


You are indeed missing something. A monster's damage is equal to the difference between your roll and his difficulty.


If the check to defeat is 12 and you roll an 8, you will take 4 damage, because 12 - 8 = 4.


Armor (like leather armor, chain mail, etc.) will be able to prevent 100% of combat damage in most cases, though. If you're proficient with it, you'll usually only need to bury the armor card (not just discard it) to prevent it all.


The tutorial does an underwhelming job of explaining all the PACG's admittedly dense mechanics - monster damage being one of them. Somewhere on this forum I did notice a link to a YouTube video explaining the PACG rules in detail. That might help you out!



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