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Seelah interactions

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One definite bug to report, and one case that I presume was thought through but involves an interpretation of a clarification (both on the iPad 3):


1. Seelah has finished exploring and has Ilsoari in hand. She displays him to look at the top card of the location deck (a barrier), then puts him on top of her deck. The Devil roll comes up 1 and a fight begins. After burying armor against the first check, Seelah decides she needs to fight the second one and uses Crusade to add 1d6 to her roll.


In the process of dragging the top card of the deck across to the discard pile, Ilsoari somehow ends up in Seelah's hand. The app won't let me drag him either to the deck or the discard pile. The Crusade doesn't execute, and I can hit the symbol and drag the NEXT card from her deck to the discard to get the bonus. Ilsoari is now in Seelah's hand again and remains there following the second, successful combat check.


2. Collapsed Ceiling, if undefeated, is on top of the location deck face up and treated as the top card for things like the Spyglass, Augury and the like. That's correct by rules clarifications. If Seelah uses her ability to look at the top card, though, the Ceiling is returned to the deck face down afterward instead of being returned face up. Should it be returned face up instead? If she encounters the Ceiling and then turns it face down at the end of her turn, another character could use Augury to move it to the bottom of the location deck or shuffle it back in, whereas if it remains face up it can be scryed upon but not shuffled back in.




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Yes, the Collapsed selling is working correctly. It indeed goes back to the deck when using augury etc. It is just the too card of the location deck and if something affected the too card, it affect the Collapsed seiling too.
There was discussion about it in the Paizo Forum.

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1. Sounds like a bug we'll look into it, thanks.

2. Also sounds like a bug. I'm pretty sure Seelah's Crusade functions like Augury and Spyglass, where the collapsed ceiling will return to the top of the deck face up.

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