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Legendary (in more ways than one).

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Well, from playing the game for the first time ever on the day it was released for iOS (and subsequently getting a handle on it pretty quickly, having exhausted the rather similar Elder Sign: Omens on my iPad), I've successfully finished every legendary scenario in the currently available adventures, bought one treasure chest out of curiousity, and have earned just over half of the gold I need to buy the 10k character pack.


Right now I'm testing how long it'll take to earn everything in the game purely via personally-earned gold winnings, with no shortcuts involved. On that note, is the P deck only available with the cash bundle? That's the way the description seems to read, but if I acquire everything else with gold, it'd be a bit weird to have to pay NZ$37 for that one deck. If that is the case, is there any chance of it being offered separately for gold (as the C deck is with the 10k character bundle)?


As for the game itself, the RPG elements work surprisingly well, and the fact that I don't have to manually manage the metric catload of cards and assorted bits in real life is a key selling point. Apart from the handful of known issues, it's a great game, and I can't wait for the next official adventures (and for Quest Mode to be fixed so I can actually play it).


Good work by all involved. :yes:

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