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Undead Uprising Heroic scenario power



The scenario power for 2-1 Undead Uprising on Heroic/Legendary is quite long, and inconveniently the first paragraph is exactly long enough to fit in the box on the scenario selection screen, with no indication that the box can be scrolled (it can, I checked after). I should've known, as the box should say "1/2 Wildcards" at the bottom (which it does, if you scroll down), but I didn't realise until I had started the scenario that there was an additional scenario power there. Maybe there could be some kind of indication that the box is scrollable, a scrollbar or something of the sort?




Additionally, the scenario power is so long it doesn't quite fit in the box during the scenario, though there would be enough space if the text had less padding left and right. Though this might be a bigger problem in some other scenarios later on with long, complex scenario powers that will likely completely overflow the box then. Maybe the box should be dynamically sized?



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