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Can't claim scenario reward after 1-2, completely stuck



This is after the scenario where there's no villains, just collecting allies. Fully quitting the app didn't help either, (though it did show my gold correctly after doing that, it didn't the first time)
I can't do the random ally reward, and I can't move forward. I'm just stuck.

iPad air 2 with 9.3.2 public beta 2cvLQaFt.png

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Tapping on each character does nothing?


Can you tap the gear and quit the game and reload that party?



When you say reload the party...is that something other than hitting continue, or going to story and hitting the play button for this group? Neither of those work

Tapping the characters highlights them, but nothing else. I tapped on the area where the card would normally appear too, and that didn't work.

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