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Great game... here's what I'd like to see in the future

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I love the RotRL story, so I will buy pretty much anything with that name on it.  As such, I've bought the app and think its a great game... much thanks to all the devs.  The port of the card game to the app is so natural.  No more fiddling with cards, what's not to love.


What I'd love to see moving forward is a little more attention paid to atmosphere.  I recently played Darkest Dungeon and would love a little of that atmosphere in this game.  Right now, the way the story is told is basically a riff on Puzzlequest.  No music, no voice acting.  Darkest dungeon manages to use a meager amount of art and visual effects while really creating some great atmosphere.


Again, great engine.  I look forward to seeing the additional bells and whistles put on the game as it progresses.





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