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Mend: Stuck Trying To Pay For It?



Android 5.1.1

Game: No payments made (stock free). Nexus 10. 


Using 2 characters: Merisiel & Kyra


I believe Kyra just beat the large chest barrier, it provided me a bunch of weapons, this left my character over their hand limit.


I though I was discarding down, was getting rid of 'mend' and it seems to have activated the ability of Mend. I am trying to pay for it, since I can't back out.

It is prompting to discard 1, and it allows only Merisiel to discard her crowbar. 


I discard the crowbar and the X appears (to undo) on the left and the > on the right appears, lit up showing the focus/alert circle to press it. I press it and nothing happens.


After undoing the discard of the crowbar I could also select a Potion Of Glibness.  No change in behavior when selecting that. 

If I switch to Kyra , the arrow to proceed turns dark green and the focus/alert goes away. The undo X is still visible. Both are non responsive with Kyra.




Heres a quick video of some of the behavior (I had to record it using my iPad Mini, so it's *.mov.): 

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Yes I am STUCK in this state. I cannot exit the need to pay for the discard. If I close the game and reload, it returns to this state. 


I imagine the only way out is to forfeit, and I though I'd wait for you before proceeding.

 You can go ahead and forfeit. Sorry about that. If you play mending again and it happens let me know, but we are working on the issue internally. 

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