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[3.02] Pink Fog + random bugs

Fallen Paladin


There's a few annoying areas added in White March II that have this issue:




The mines in Stalwart, The roof in the fortress where u finish the cannons quest (unavoidable area for main quest) and a cave in that right new area.

I have the GoG version of the game, tried a reinstall but no luck. It's probably some dust/fog/wind texture that has an issue with my video card: AMD R7 240 (latest driver)

I toyed with video/game settings, reinstalled the game thinking maybe corrupted file but nothing worked. :(


Also other bugs I found during gameplay:

-Turning off sounds still makes you hear the footsteps


-Stronghold has quite a few glitches on quests/events like:

*Brutish Warrior is placed in the middle of the mercenary attack squad when they attack the fortress and I had to do like 10 loads to save him from dying and loosing a guest hireling. He's spawn point on the outside fight scene vs mercenaries should be moved on they're edge not on they're middle since they just all target him and he's 1shot, he should also get armor/stats upgrades maybe...

*Hirelings are so weak when fighting and guest ones cost too much for what they're worth. All guest ones should have they're daily wage cut in half. It's not that I don't have money to pay them since money is no issue later, but it's just not logic for the Stronghold to produce 2x less money that what's needed to have them hired

*Berolt escort quest has a minor text display glitch:


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Hello Fallen Paladin,


It appears that you didn't install all the installers for the game. Please uninstall your game and then redownload/install the full installers for Pillars of Eternity and The White March. If you have part 1 and 2, there will be an installer for each. A total of 3 installers. 


Hope that helps,



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