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Pathfinder Adventures Out Now for Apple iPad and Android Tablets!

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The wait is over! Pathfinder Adventures is out now for Apple iPad and Android tablets!


As I mentioned over in this thread, the boards are here for you to share your tales, discuss the game and let us know of any issues you come across. We'll be popping in regularly, so hang out, talk with us.


The Pathfinder team and all of us here at Obsidian Entertainment hope that you enjoy Pathfinder Adventures!


Adventure on!

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PC when



Wish someone official would provide some information - at least to confirm they're working on it even if a date cannot be given yet.


I agree i mean it seems like there's a major lack of any official information since the game was released and although i understand that people are probably heavily occupied working on updates and more adventures to release but a simple post to keep the community up to date would be nice.  I've played through all the adventures unlocked everything and am literally stuck with nothing more to do till the next adventure drops.  and knowing when to expect it would be nice.

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Nothing more to do?

You've played all 57,915 combinations already?



I fear you don't understand the game fully.

This isn't a game you beat and move on to the next level.

I can't imagine being done with this game ever.

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