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Damage Calculation Bug?



I just installed 3.02, I'm playing an Expert Normal game, and I'm in Od Nua Level 6 fighting some Skeletal Fighters that seem a bit over powered. It's either that, or I'm not sure I quite understand how the combat values are determined. It only seems to happen when Confident Aim converts a Graze to a Hit. At least that's the only times I've noticed it occurring.


Looking at the bestiary and comparing it to the damage they are causing it seems they are doing 10x more damage than they should be. In the two screenshots below you can see an example of them doing over 250 damage and yet their statistics state they should do 16-23 damage. Needless to say, it's one shot and my character is dead with that much damage.


Any help is much appreciated!



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I've had the same problem. No workaround that I'm aware of. This is the defense stacking and damage stacking (Confident Aim) bug caused by multiple save-reloads in one area. Developers are working on it since last April but no ETA yet as far as I know.

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