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News: Reporting that Patch 3.0 is out (2/16/2016)



My "News" in the top right corner is still only reporting that Patch 3.0 is out (2/16/2016), even though I'm running 3.02.1008 PX1 PX2. I purchased it through GOG.com and installed it manually (not through GOG Galaxy).


I can just turn off the "News" of course, but that defeats the purpose and I would like to be informed of actual updates. Is there anything I can do to get this fixed/updated?


I have uninstalled and removed all folders/files/entries I could find, reinstalled, and update is still showing as the older 3.0.


Thanks for any help  :)


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Thanks for the idea Nicholas!


I moved the file to a separate location, restarted the game and it re-created the file,  with the same information. That was a good idea though, I thought that might do it. Thanks for trying to help!

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I just finished my first playthrough yesterday and i had a big bug in Caed Nua. After finishing almost all building-updates the game would break on me if i wanted to go to the second floor in Brighthollow, the resting place. After that i was brought back to the main menu and if i reloaded a save file without restarting the game i couldn't switch companions. The game would registred that i switch a companion but on screen he would just disappear. Restarting the game and loading an old file would fix this problem but the second floor was a no go area from that point on.


The bug isn't a big deal because you can just rest anywhere in CN but i didn't knew that at the time and was really frustrated when i found the bug.


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