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Freeze at character creation



Hi, I have a problem to play the game. It freeze at the character creation screen, sometimes i can select few options before it freeze. When the freeze happens, my 2 screens go black for 2 seconds and come back to normal, then the game freeze with one of the processor still seeing high load (the load jump from core to core). I tried in different resolution, full-screen / windowed, and tried the what the faq pinned suggested. The freeze still happens the same whatever I do, even after reinstalling the game.


Note that i played the game 50 hours last year without a problem, but i played wastelands 2 last month and got the exact same crash/freeze decribed at random moments in the game.


In the output log I have a big serie of :

"cannot be loaded because the asset bundle type is not supported!", but I don't understand what it means and google told me nothing.





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