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Expansions for physical copy?

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A couple questions if someone could help,

How do I purchase the White March expansions for my physical copy? 

Should I update from patch 1.04, I have to say I am perfectly happy with the current version?



Finally getting around to playing the game and really enjoying myself, the backgrounds and music are particularly impressive. My only criticism is how dark the game is in terms of writing. I kinda miss the days when there was a little more restraint in entertainment.


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I would also like to know how to get rid of Aloth. I select the conversation button but theeere is no option.

You can manage your party in taverns.

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"It is an extraordinary act of courage to come to know a stranger's pain. To even consider such a thing demands a profound dispensation, a willingness to wear someone else's chains, to taste their suffering, to see with one's own eyes the hue cast on all things -- the terrible stain that is despair."


-Tulas Shorn

"Toll the Hounds" by Steven Erikson

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