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Prestigious Visitor Problems (3.0.2)



One of my first prestigious visitors was the infamous Geyda. I sent off Aloth to foil her plans and all went well. That, for the record, was when my world was 3.0.1.


Now it's 3.0.2 and yesterday Geyda came back. But on this visit, she was nowhere to be found in the great hall and there was no information in the stronghold message window other than that she was there. In due course, she cleared off and, because I'd been unable to interact with her, I took a hit to prestige and security. Now, it's happened again. She's at the stronghold for the third time, apparently, but nowhere to be seen. Even more annoying, Odeyna Fyrgest has also popped in, except not quite. She has arrived but failed to materialise in the great hall and, again, there's no way I can interact with her. I suspect that means I'm in for a double whammy on the prestige and security fronts.


This is the first time I've been really bugged by a bug. All the usual files are yours if you want 'em.

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It's worse than I thought. As I noted in another thread, Azzuro cannot be found or interacted with via the Stronghold Action panel. I'm talking about when he returns after I've solved his quest, which I have done by sending one of my NPCs to protect his trade route. This is a little frustrating, as I had been looking forward to buying some gadgets and gizmos from him.


Just now a random supplicant showed up, looking for an escort or money. I couldn't help that character for the same reason and lost reputation with Dyrford as a result. I was so annoyed by that, I reloaded and got a different supplicant. This one had the decency to be accompanied by the pay off/send escort buttons (he was from Gilded Vale and looking for 250cp). Why some NPCs should have interaction options when others do not, I don't know but something is definitely not right with stronghold visitor functionality.

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I have missed a number of Prestigious Visitor's now not appearing in the Main Hall. I can only assume it is a bug. 


Can anyone please inform me how I could possibly get this bug fixed, or at least acknowledged by Pillars dev. I am running Steam on Mac and can't find a version number to save me.

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