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Weird Journey Time (3.0.2)



Honestly not sure if this is a bug or not but it seems weird. Just completed a bounty at Madhmir Bridge and thought I'd head to Brackenbury. When I arrived, I noticed 2 days 27 minutes had passed. Checking the map confirmed that a return journey would take about the same time.


The thing is, this journey is longer than journeys between Brackenbury and places that are further away: Analog's Compass (1 day, 24 hrs, 27 minutes), Black Meadow (1 day 14 hrs, 27 minutes), Magran's Fork (1 day, 18 hrs, 27 minutes). And Caed Nua is only 22 hours (and, yes, 27 minutes) away, why? The river we can't travel by? It's not a big deal but it just seems off, by more even than the suspiciously frequently encountered period of 27 minutes.

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