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Soul Bound Scepter dominates friendlies permantly



Hi all

I've just had a problem with two quests and linked it to Aloth using Gyrd Haewanes Stenes.

Yesterday I was doing "At all costs" and partway through the fight all the Valians turned hostile and didn't recover.

(Tried to post then but had troubles with internet).

I play on and I've just returned to the Valian embassy after Twin Elms.

The same thing happened.

I thought it was Kana and removed him from my party but when I started the fight it occurred to me that the problem had started after Aloth had cast the slicken spell to keep the bad guys off the Ambassador.

I kept Aloth out of the fight and they remained friendly.

To test my theory I reloaded and had Aloth cast slicken.

As soon as it did it they all turned hostile.

I know I was using this spell when I did "at all costs" but I'm not sure whether it's just that spell or all actions with GHD.


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