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Game returns to main menu when enter 2. floor of bright hollow after installing WM 1&2





After installing white march 1&2 I can't go to the second floor of the brighthollow, the game returns to the main screen with a message telling me that the next map couldn't be loaded and it returned to the main menu to prevent the save game from getting corrupted.


I tried to reinstall POE, it didn't helped.

I had 3.0.2 installed (GOG Download Version), and just installed the WM 1/2 patches. Since then I have the error.


Here is the log


Here is the Savegame and the Logfile


I Play on Mac OS X 10.10.5. MacBook Air (11", Early 2014). 8GB RAM.


To reproduce the rrror I just open the Savegame and go upstairs.


If I can help to fix this by testing anything and/or providing future information just tell me.


Thanks for Help



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Hey Luxrresum,


That error is a fail safe we put in. If the game reads an error on load that would corrupt your save data it boots you to the front end to save your data. That being said I'm going to see whats up and see if we can get a fix.


I got your back


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