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[3.02] Weapon enchantments disappeared / vanished



Hey everyone, 


I just noticed the weapon enchantments I had placed on my 'The Hours of St. Rumbalt' - a 'superb' enchantment and 'durgan steel enhanced' - are no longer on the weapon. It was only after I had crafted Abydon's Hammer (and the sword got automatically de-equipped) that I hovered over the sword and saw both enchantments were gone. Now, the durgansteel enhanced I can recreate, but the superb enchant I can't. 


I'd have to load up a savegame from several hours earlier ('bout seven hours) to actually find both enchantments still on the weapon. I really don't want to go back that far. I'm a bit bummed, and annoyed. I -friggin' finally - got this far into the game (having started over about a million times) only to have this happen! But then again [stoic]: I'll live. 


I am mainly posting about this, to see if it's a known bug and if it's being looked at. I really did not notice (nor should I have, to be honest) that both enchantments had vanished. I cannot say how or when it actually did happen, but if I were to hazzard a guess, I'd say it could have something to do with the hearings in Cad Nua (after which, my weapon keeps being de-equipped). But truth be told, I have -no- real basis for this suspicion.  


I suppose I could re-durganize my weapon and make it legendary. I'm pretty sure one can only do that extremely late in the game, seeing as how I need an ingredient called 'Kraken Eyes', or somesuch. 


Anyhow, thanks for reading. 



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