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Cragholdt Bluffs Mercenary Veteran - bugged?

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I apologize if this topic has been discussed before so I hope you can just post a link if this question has already been answered.


I'm at wits end figuring out how to kill the Mercenary Veteran at Cragholdt Bluffs.  My characters are all L15, using the best equipment you can find the game (killed the Adra Dragon and Alpine Dragon, AND the Kraken) but couldn't even hit the Mercenary Veteran in Cragholdt Bluffs.


I managed to kill the other mercenaries one at a time but couldn't get past the bridge where the Commander is.


Has anyone here encountered the same problem?  How can those Mercenary Veterans be killed?

Eder is at 1736 Health and 348 Endurance and gets killed with one slash from the Mercenary Veteran.


Thanks in advance for any tips you might be able to provide.

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I think you encountered the same bug as me...


which is apparently caused by multiple quicksaves in the same area. Each time you quicksave, some abilities of the enemies are added again and again, which explains their defenses/damage.


From my experience the abilities that stacked were Sword and Shield and some fighter passives (Confident Aim and Critical Defense). To beat them I pulled them one by one and used potions of Wizard's Double which pushed the deflection of my paladin out of their hiting range (their accuracy was unchanged by the bug) - I think you can do the same with Eder... Then use attacks which target will/fortitude to disable/damage them. (Eder with upgraded Steadfast could hit them, Maneha too if she has the ability to target fortitude, priest/cipher spells too...)

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